ANIMAL Film Fest celebrates and honors the horror film genre, giving to independent filmmakers the opportunity to show their films to the fanatics of Michoacan’s State.

AFF is a spread space to projects linked with the horror film genre, thriller and projects from all over the world that will be competing to make the viewers quiver in each screening.

ANIMAL Film Fest comes from the need to promote the development of film culture in the state, focusing efforts to the development and screening of the horror films; foment the interest of the Michoacan public to consume this film genre; and motivate the growth of regional creators.

In addition to being a meeting place and exchange of ideas between filmmakers from all over the world, it has different artistic and cultural expressions to enrich the experience of each one of the attendees. The cycle of screenings, talks and other activities are free for the public that accompanies us.

Our principal objective is to promote the development and creation of cinematographic material of the horror genre. As well as establishing a meeting point in Michoacan between filmmakers and an audience that likes horror as a genre, the movies, and festivals, to generate greater mobility in the state.

AFF is a ROT Movie Makers production.


The design of the award that honors the winners of ANIMAL Film Fest has its origin in the mind of Juan Carlos Santos Mendoza, bringing it to life from the sketch to the 3D model. It is a skull, apparently of bovine origin, amalgamated with the antlers of a mythical dragon, it seems somewhat sinister, however, is a composition between animal instinct and fantasy.

Using recycled materials in the 3D printing cast and mounted on a Cantera base, traditional pink rock from the Morelia region, intended to be an artistic representation that unites the benefits of the earth with the decomposing skull.

Best Art Design, Editing, Character, Visual Effects, Makeup, Photography, International Short Film, Mexican Short Film and Michoacan Short Film, are the nine categories to be awarded.

ANIMAL Film Fest D.R. 2021